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Annasa Spa
(925) 822-7917
1224 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
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Latisse Eyelash Growth Conditioner - 1st FDA - Approved Treatment to Grow Eyelashes

by: Melanie A. Thompson

Everyone who has short and thin eyelashes is out to try one of the multiple options available to enhance their lashes. Eyelash enhancers target such customers but the products come with no guarantees nor do they have clearance from certifying institutions about their safety.

Latisse is the only FDA approved treatment that is available as a prescription drug and promises thicker, longer eyelashes for those who have inadequate ones or whose eyelashes are thinning.

It is basically a treatment for a medical condition referred to as hypotrichosis. It is a condition in which eyelashes are not adequate and too little. As a 0.3% bimatprost ophthalmic solution, it is rated as the best treatment for this condition. Doctors prescribe this for patients whose eyelashes fall off or stop growing for various reasons. It has been clinically tried and tested for safety. It shows results within a span of four to sixteen weeks.

The conditioner needs to be applied on thoroughly cleaned and dried eyelids for best results. Regular usage is essential. It can be put in the same manner as an eyeliner in a thin line on the upper eyelash with the excess liquid wiped off. Darkening of the iris in the eye is considered to be an outcome of using this formulation.

It is needed only in a very small quantity and is free from any side effects or reactions. Its results are pleasing to the user and onlookers are also found to be admiring such gorgeous eyelashes. Celebrities are always on the lookout for beauty enhancing products and prefer this treatment of getting naturally longer lashes to artificial eyelashes and mascara coated ones.

Latisse is strong enough to bring results with a single application everyday in a small amount. Scientific clearance about its safety makes it more authentic and since it is a prescription medicine, doctors vouch for its effectiveness. It can be applied with an eyeliner brush and left on the lashes.

Find more Latisse Eyelash Growth Reviews, pros, disadvantages and possible side effects of this lash treatment. Or you can visit - site that reviews various products for eyelash growth. This website was made to educate customers about effective tips to make longer and thicker eyelashes.