Latisse - Facts You Must Know About Latisse!

by: Mariana Cathy Johnson

All women wish to have longer thicker eyelashes, these are seen as more attractive and feminine which accounts for many people going to great lengths to try and grow their lashes using many different synthetic and natural products. Mascara and eyelash curler are the most common and basic ways in which we can extend and tint our eyelashes to make them appear darker and more luscious.

These are great ways to enhance our lashes for short term use, it gets to be a lot of work and hassle to be doing the same routine each day as well as making sure that it is all taken off properly at the end of the day. The next step has always been to apply false eyelash extensions which are a semi-permanent solution, but again, come with their own set of problems and complications as well as being quite an expensive procedure. Though these are perfectly acceptable solutions, the new and innovative product, Latisse, is proving to be very popular as a new cosmetic solution to limp and weak eyelashes. Latisse is a new ophthalmic solution to hair loss and is designed to help the growth rate and strength of lashes so that they become healthier, thicker and darker in a natural and safe way.

The FDA-approved solution is applied once a day to the upper eyelid where the hair follicles are based, usually after about a month results will be seen with longer and darker lashes. Although Latisse is an alternative solution to eyelash extensions and cosmetics, it has one main difference which is that it has to be prescribed by a doctor. It is classed as a medicine and so cannot be purchased by anyone over the counter and is assured to be given only to those who require it and can use it safely without suffering any unwanted side effects.

Latisse was found by accident through a side effect from a different drug. The glaucoma medicine Lumigan was used to treat the pressure in the eyeball and reduce the effects of this pressure rising. Patients who had been using Lumigan for a while noticed that they had longer, darker and fuller lashes; this was then looked into by the experts who found that the product was working well to promote healthy growth in our eyelashes. The drug was then altered to be made appropriate for the generally public and, since its FDA approval, has been helping people all over the world to grow strong and beautiful lashes no matter their current condition.

Eyelash Growth Remedies
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